Work Experience

Research Fellow in Quantum Computing for Earth Observation

Oct 2022 - current, ESa-$\Phi$-lab

Main activities and responsibilities: Research activity on Quantum Machine Learning applied to Remote Sensing data.

Earth Observation Engineer

Sep 2019 - Nov 2019, Titan4

Main activities and responsibilities: Research activity on satellite data and application development, mainly for structural monitoring, based on SAR and optical satellite data. Use and validation of a tool for the measurement of displacements.

Acquired skills and achieved objectives: Employed as: office worker - consulting/collaboration; Business or sector: Engineering and design, computer science, data processing and acquisition

Visiting Researcher

Jul 2019, ESA, ESRIN, ⏀-lab

Main activities and responsibilities: Creation of neural networks for earth observation applications. Implementation of scripts for creating satellite image datasets. Monitoring of natural disasters such as landslides and volcanic eruptions. Creation of networks for filtering satellite data. Creation of artificial satellite image datasets. Processing of Sentinel data.

Acquired skills and achieved objectives: Advanced concepts of machine learning and neural networks, advanced concepts of Python programming, advanced concepts of data science. Management of computing power and work on virtual machines. Team working. Organization of a side event in the ⏀-week of 2019.